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CRO Services

KSL can provide a full suite of regulatory, quality, clinical consulting and contract research organization services


KSL Biomedical companies specialize in translational medicine impacting immunology, Oncology and Genomics.



  • Proprietary IVD

  • Personalized medicine applications

  • Novel biomarker development and qualification

  • Targeted clinical laboratory diagnostics

  • Contract research


  • Pipeline of proprietary therapeutics for large market application

  • Companion diagnostics for immunology and oncology

  • Clinical trial support


  • Bioassay process design, validation and manufacturing

  • Development, support and implementation for LDT

  • International IP strategies for USA and PRC based technology companies


Beutner Laboratories specializes in immunologic tests, primarily, for the diagnosis of bullous, vascular, connective tissue and inherited skin diseases.


Located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada — providing ATCC/Microbiologics®, Serology Test Kits, Serology Tests, Rapid Tests, Microbiology Tests, and other Laboratory/Medical Supplies.

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A world-class reference laboratory

expertly built to exceed your expectations.

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Buffalo, NY, USA Skyline

Buffalo, NY, USA

  • Bioscience technology services

  • Process design

  • LDT, IVD development 

  • Technical, QA and regulatory support services

  • Contract research

  • Clinical laboratory services


Jiangsu, PRC 

  • Reagent and assay production and distribution

  • Reference laboratory services

  • IVD design and development

  • Clinical studies

  • Export compliance services for China-based companies 


Toronto, Canada

  • Manufacturing and distribution of technical microbiology products and controls for clinical, industrial, and pharma customers, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for labs and physicians.

  • ISO 13485 certified

  • Licensed by Health Canada, 

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