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Proprietary applications in diagnostics and therapeutics 
International technology development


Translational medicine impacting Immunology, Oncology and Genomics.

  • Proprietary IVD

  • Personalized medicine applications

  • Novel biomarker development and qualification

  • Targeted clinical laboratory diagnostics

  • Contract research

  • Pipeline of proprietary therapeutics for large market application

  • Companion diagnostics for immunology and oncology

  • Clinical trial support

  • Bioassay process design, validation and manufacturing

  • Development, support and implementation for LDT

  • Telemedicine

  • International IP strategies for USA and PRC based technology companies



Buffalo, NY, USA
  • Bioscience technology services

  • Process design

  • LDT, IVD development 

  • Technical, QA and regulatory support services

  • Contract research

  • Clinical laboratory services

Jiangsu, PRC 
  • Reagent and assay production and distribution

  • Reference laboratory services

  • IVD design and development

  • Clinical studies

  • Export compliance services for China-based companies 


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