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KSL Diagnostics announces acquisition of Beutner Laboratories, an innovator in immunodermatology

Leadership identified strong synergies between genomic and diagnostic immunology labs.

KSL Biomedical, Inc., developers of novel companion diagnostic and therapeutic applications for immunology and oncology, announced that its clinical laboratory subsidiary, KSL Diagnostics, Inc. ( has reached an agreement to acquire Beutner Laboratories, Inc. ( Beutner Laboratories, founded by Dr. Ernst Beutner, a pioneer in immunodermatology, brings a proud tradition of excellence in immunology and pathology, to KSL.

Dr. Beutner and his associates at the University of Buffalo discovered the role of autoimmunity in pemphigus and pemphigoid. Beutner Laboratories specializes in immunologic tests for the diagnosis of bullous, vascular, connective tissue and inherited skin diseases. The staff of Beutner Laboratories has a wealth of experience in the field of immunology, benefiting doctors and patients nationwide.

The KSL team has 25 years direct experience establishing and managing reference laboratories serving physicians, hospitals and national laboratories. Its focus is on advancing genomic and proteomic translational medicine for therapeutic and diagnostic applications in immunology and oncology, including the launch of diagnostic applications in the US, China and the rest of the world.

KSL has structured this agreement as a partnership in which Beutner Laboratories will retain its identity and continue a long tradition of excellence in laboratory service under the guidance of Dr. Raminder Grover and Karen Banach, BL’s laboratory director and manager, respectively. This will allow BL to focus on delivery of high-quality diagnostics in immunology and pathology while benefitting from new technologies developed by KSL and the synergies presented by the broader laboratory operation. KSL has retained all staff and sees the opportunity to significantly expand operations and employment at the BL business unit.

Integration with KSL Diagnostics operations and planned investments in automation will support scalability of the BL operation as KSL and BL launch a number of novel genomic and proteomic tests in 2020, following the launch of PredictSURE IBD™ earlier this year.

KSL’s Chief Medical Officer Dr.Lakshmanan Suresh who also serves as the Technical Director at Beutner Labs commented: “Dr.Ernst Beutner is considered the father of immunodermatology. He established many of the methods still commonly used for diagnosis of autoimmune blistering diseases and trained a generationof his successors. It is an honor to be part of the lab he established and follow in his footsteps. Together, KSL and Beutner Labs intend to bring on novel, esoteric and proprietary immunodermatology testing to build on his legacy."

BL’s Laboratory Director, Dr. Raminder Grover added: “The team at BL is excited about the opportunities that the integration with KSL will bring. I was very fortunate to have Dr. Beunter as a teacher and mentor. Under him, BL always strove for unparalleled quality and personalized service. This is still our mission. Our collaboration with KSL brings new technology and the ability to further enhance our services and better serve our clients as we continue developing novel tests to better diagnose autoimmune diseases.”

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KSL Biomedical Inc. was founded to utilize translational medicine pipelines to deliver innovative diagnostics and therapeutics. KSL invests in development of novel technologies to improve patient outcomes, particularly in cases requiring early diagnosis or companion diagnostics to facilitate effective therapy.

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